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Veiled Moon Mixtape: Limerick Voices Soundtrap Project

2020 News Music Generation Limerick City Limerick Voices

In September, Music Generation Limerick City released a truly astounding mix-tape created by a remarkable group of teens. Veiled Moon Mixtape is their creative response to challenging times.

Over the summer, the young musicians involved in the Limerick Voices Project responded to a call to create.

Guided by the Music Generation Limerick City musician educator team, took their live music-making and collaboration online, using Soundtrap as their creative meeting place.

Their mentors watched in amazement as the levels of collaboration, risk-taking and creative excellence of these young singers, songwriters, musicians and producers went through the roof.

This is music with a sense of purpose. Music that only these young people, at this historically significant moment in time could make.

Veiled Moon Mixtape: A Limerick Voices Soundtrap Project

Music Generation Limerick City is now starting phase 2 of the project, open to all teenagers who want to make music of any kind.

Get in touch for more information.

Veiled Moon Mixtape

1. Radio Window-Shopping (00:00)
2. Eyes of a Child (02:22)
3. Motivational #1 (05:32)
4. Back Off (Julie) (06:38)
5. The Trial (Eoin) (10:20)
6. Eyes (Hazel) (14:22)
7. Motivational #2 (17:34)
8. Lockdown (19:06)
9. Limelight (Anna) (22:34)
10. Hidden in the Woods (Curtis) (25:16)
11. Motivational #3 (28.20)
12. Tomorrow in a Basket (Eoin & Curtis) (29:35)
13. Sleep Treatment (Julie) (32:35)

All music written, performed and produced by Anna, Curtis, Eoin, Hazel and Julie, summer 2020.

Artwork by Hazel.