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Music Generation’s Annual Report 2022 – Reaching and Empowering more Children and Young People

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Music Generation is delighted to publish its Annual Report 2022, which includes insights into our growth, progress and so many memorable performances that took place across Ireland.

2022 was an exciting year for Music Generation, filled with significant milestones and achievements. In collaboration with our local partners, we continued to progress our mission: empowering children and young people to realise their full potential through access to, and participation in, high quality performance music education.

In 2022 Music Generation's participation grew beyond expectation. 7% of all children and young people living in Ireland actively participated in a Music Generation programme. For the first time, over 100,000 tuition hours were delivered to children and young people, thanks to the collective efforts of Music Generation teams across the country.

"I can’t describe it. Once you start you don’t want to stop. It’s an amazing feeling." Cathal, Young Musician Music Generation Kildare speaking about performing

Throughout 2022, Music Generation:

  • Reached 101,960 programme participants.
  • Delivered 107,072 hours of performance music education.
  • Facilitated the creation of 468 musical works involving children and young people.
  • Supported 2,161 musical performances by children and young people.

Further information on our activity in 2022 is available in the Music Generation DAC Annual Report.

The children and young people of Music Generation continued to collaborate, create, compose, perform and showcase their outstanding musicianship and dedication. In this glimpse into 2022, we've highlighted just some of the memorable collaborations which took place.

Summoning a Harp Revival
One-hundred-and-eighty (180) Young Ambassadors shared their take on traditional Irish music to an international audience at St. Patrick’s Festival 2022. The young musicians came together from Music Generation LMEP Areas including Laois, Louth, Mayo, and Cork City to create and produce a programme which celebrated Ireland’s national emblem — the harp. Click here to read more about their experience at St. Patrick's Festival.

Horse Ape Bird
Music Generation Kildare and Music Generation Meath commissioned and produced a ‘first-of-its kind’ youth opera called ‘Horse Ape Bird’, in partnership with Irish National Opera. The young musicians worked alongside internationally recognised singers, orchestral players, conductors, and a full technical and staging crew. This allowed the young musicians to experience an exceptionally high artistic standard and professional production, from rehearsal right through to performance. The youth chorus had the opportunity to work directly with the ‘Horse, Ape, Bird’ composer David Coonan and writer Dylan Coburn Gray. Read more about the project by clicking here.

Listen Connect Adapt
Music Generation Limerick City hosted a one day improvisation workshop with over 100 young musicians from Music Generation programmes in Limerick City, Limerick County, Cork City, Clare, Laois, and Waterford. The event took place at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick and was supported by Musician Educators from each area. The aim of the workshop was collaboration based on three simple themes - Listen, Connect, Adapt. The participants came from backgrounds in a range of styles including traditional Irish, jazz, classical, folk, rock, pop, and hip-hop. Each participant was encouraged to collaborate to create free, experimental, and meaningful music. Click here to find out more about this project.

Photo Credits:

  • Cover Photo: Music Generation Roscommon/Creative Sounds, Photo by Kenneth Browne.
  • 2nd Image: Music Generation Mayo Harp Ensemble on stage at St Patricks Festival 2022. Photo by David Keegan Photography.
  • 3rd Image (Left) Music Generation South Dublin NOISE Music Photo by Barbara Flynn.
  • 4th Image (Right): Music Generation Dublin City Photo by David Keegan Photography.

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