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Transforming Young Lives Through Music

Transforming Young Lives Through Music

Music Generation is proud to publish Transforming Young Lives Through Music - the Music Generation National Development Office Strategic Plan 2022-2026. This plan will chart the future direction of Ireland’s national music education programme over the next five years.

As we embark on our second decade, our ambition is to strengthen, sustain and secure Music Generation’s position as a national programme of excellence that continues to bring our mission to life: empowering children and young people to realise their full potential through access to, and participation in, high quality performance music education.

The overarching strategic priorities we have chosen - quality, sustainability and advocacy - establish the co-ordinates to guide us on our journey. Holding a unique position in the Irish cultural and educational context, we look forward to this next exciting stage of development for Music Generation and to pursuing our shared vision for the children and young people of Ireland with many committed partners - an Ireland where every child and young person is given the opportunity to transform their lives through the power of music making and learning.

During our first decade, we journeyed with many partners to bring this big idea to life for thousands of children and young people. Through the power of partnership - between philanthropy, central government, Local Music Education Partnerships (LMEPs) and the Music Generation National Development Office - together we established the architecture of a national system of local performance music education provision. This new and vital element in Ireland’s music education landscape is a powerful legacy of our first decade, which has given unprecedented musical opportunity to tens of thousands of Ireland’s children and young people. It is also a collective achievement in which many committed partners have played critical roles for which we are deeply grateful.

Music Generation believes that it is every child and young person’s right to be given the opportunity to access and participate in music. Music Generation believe passionately in the power of music making to transform lives and that through the joy of creating, learning and performing music together, children and young people’s artistic, educational, social and personal development is empowered.

Co-funded by The Ireland Funds, U2, the Department of Education and Local Music Education partnerships in which Education and Training Boards and Local Authorities play a lead role, Music Generation has built a sustainable, nationwide framework which has created countless inspiring experiences for young people through music. Twelve years on since its initiation, Music Generation now reaches close to 80,000 children and young people annually. Now delivering programmes in 29 cities and counties, Music Generation has created employment opportunities for more than 400 musicians.

IMAGE 1 : Young Musician - Music Generation Clare - Photo by Paul Corey

IMAGE 2 : Young Musicians of the Kabin Studio
Music Generation Cork City. Photo by Dave Keegan