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Opening Doors: Music Generation Research Fellow presents to an international audience

Thomas Johnston will present a paper on the project entitled ‘Developing Diversity in Performance Music Education in Ireland’ at the 8th Opening Doors Wales International Festival of Performing Arts for Young Audiences which takes place in the Welsh seaside town of Aberstwyth in the heart of Ceredigion (April 1-4 2014).

According to the festival director Jeremy Turner, Opening Doors ‘provides children, young people and families in Wales with the opportunity to experience some of the best international performances, as well as providing Welsh performers with the opportunity to showcase the wealth of artistic talents we have here in Wales to an International audience’.

Opening Doors is organised every two years by Arad Goch Theatre Company and a diverse range of performers from Australia, America, Italy, Valencia, Ireland, Scotland, and France will travel to the festival to perform alongside Welsh companies in venues throughout Wales. Thomas’ presentation, part of a week-long programme which contains performances, workshops, professional seminars, and several ‘Fringe’ events, will focus on recent findings from Phase 1 of the research which occurred between September – December 2013. His invitation to Opening Doors is an exciting opportunity to present the work of Music Generation to an international audience of professionals who work in the area of performing arts for young audiences. His paper entitled ‘Unveiling the Transformative Potential of Performance Music Education in Ireland’ will discuss the many diversities within Music Generation’s infrastructure, which develop and sustain the potential for transformative experiences in the lives of children and young people. It will raise questions as to the nature of transformative experience for children and young people, and consider the role and responsibilities of those who shape a child and young person’s experience within performance music education. Moreover, there will be a unique opportunity at Opening Doors to consider and discuss in this interdisciplinary or ‘shared’ space, the ways in which the concept of ‘transformative experience’ relates to performance music education and the broader performing arts context.

Thomas will report back on his experience at the Opening Doors Wales International Festival of Performing Arts for Young Audiences, so stay tuned!