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Music Generation Symposium at the SMEI Conference 2014

Music Generation Symposium at the SMEI Conference 2014
Understanding quality in a developing national infrastructure for Performance Music Education

Music Generation will present a symposium at the upcoming 4th Annual SMEI Conference which takes place in CIT Cork School of Music from 7-9 November 2014.

The symposium will focus on the theme of quality in performance music education, within a developing and evolving local and national infrastructure.

Symposium speakers include Rosaleen Molloy, National Director, Music Generation; Martin Drury, Strategic Development Director, The Arts Council; Margaret O’Sullivan, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Cork City; and Eamon Sweeney, Musician and Music Educator.

Some of the topics which will be covered during the symposium will include:
• The Implications for Music Generation’s thinking about the quality agenda within the context of:
- Music Network Feasibility Study Model
- Thought leadership of the Philanthropic Donors
- A developing infrastructure that is locally provided within a national framework, that responds to local need and context and that is built upon the principles of diversity
• An Arts Council Perspective on quality within an arts in education context
• Cork City Music Education Partnership’s considerations about quality within the context of meaningfully addressing social inclusion
• What quality can mean for the musician and educator in practice, within a Music Generation programme

The Music Generation Symposium will take place on Saturday 8th November from 2.30pm.

Additional presentations about the work of Music Generation will also be featured during the conference including:
• What’s the point of partnership? An ecological model of partnership in Music Generation Dr. Thomas Johnston, Music Generation Research Fellow
• Reflecting on the conceptualisation of quality amongst musician-educators within Music Generation Cork City – An Ethnographic Study, Margaret O’Sullivan, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Cork City
• Music as a tool for social change: A Case Study, Andrew Jordan, Music Generation Limerick City Mary Immaculate College Limerick
• A community approach to Music Education Partnership in Music Generation Cork City, Mags O’Sulliva,Jessica Cawley, Shauna McCullough, Gráinne McHale

The conference schedule is now available online, and registration is also open on the SMEI website: