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Music Generation presents: National Summer Celebration 2020

Music Generation Carlow summer celebration 2020

Music Generation is very proud to present its first virtual concert, the Music Generation National Summer Celebration 2020.

The event premiered on our YouTube Channel on Monday, 13 July at 7pm, and we invited all of our partners, musician educators and young musicians to tune in and share their thoughts in the live chat feed.

Music Generation national summer celebration 2020

Since March, how we all make, play and perform music has changed completely. Covid-19 presented children, young people and their musician-mentors with a really big challenge - how to keep the music playing from home, and while socially distancing.

In the space of just a few weeks, as the doors to schools, community hubs and cultural centres were closed, new sessions, ensembles, rehearsals, workshops and jams started to open up on phones, laptops and iPads.

Teams of musician educators welcomed us into their online musical worlds, sharing songs, producing virtual collaborations and offering expert guidance to young musicians across the airwaves.

They were supported by a phenomenal team of Music Generation Development Officers, Administrators and Resource Workers, whose commitment to make music happen for children and young people has never been more evident.

And of course we saw hundreds of courageous, creative young musicians adapting in an amazing way to to these new music-making environments. This Summer Celebration creates a moment for us to recognise the commitment of all of our young musicians and their passion for making music, whatever the odds.

Musicians and ensembles from 13 counties will feature as part of the Concert, from Carlow, Cavan/Monaghan, Clare, Cork City, Donegal, Laois, Leitrim, Louth, Roscommon, Sligo, South Dublin, Waterford and Wicklow. But this is just a snapshot of the extraordinary work that has been happening in Music Generation areas country-wide.

Thank you to all of our teams, our partners, our young people, their families and friends for all you have done to keep music alive during this year.

Event information

Music Generation National Summer Celebration
Premiere: Monday, 13 July @ 7pm
Concert production
: Laoise O'Brien
Sound: Ben Rawlins