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Music Generation Limerick City PhD Scholarship: Call for Applications

The Music Generation Limerick City Scholarship provides funding for a three-year full-time PhD at Mary Immaculate College (MIC), University of Limerick. The PhD scholar will study the implementation and delivery of the Music Generation Limerick City (MGLC) programme with a particular focus on music programmes within areas of social regeneration. The study aims to provide valuable insights and understandings into music education within regeneration communities in Limerick City, addressing a knowledge gap in Ireland on research into the role of music in such communities. The findings of the research will inform the policies and practices of music education in regeneration areas within the context of national and international developments.

The scholarship: One scholarship will be awarded, to the value of €14,000 per annum (including fee waiver) for three years, with registration for PhD beginning September 2013. Please note that the annual PhD fee of approximately €4,200 will be automatically deducted from the total value of the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria: Applications are invited from candidates with academic qualifications appropriate for entry to doctoral-level research. Expertise in cognate areas might include: music education, community music, sociology, psychology, policy studies, or organisational sciences. The decision to award the scholarship to a doctoral student shall be based on an evaluation of their academic merit and their potential for scholarship. This evaluation shall take account, inter alia, of the following evidence:

  • Description of the research proposal (not more than 1,500 words)
  • Relative significance of the contribution that the research will make to the area
  • Methodology and methods
  • The quality and consistency of the individual’s academic record
  • Academic references
  • Postgraduate courses or research already undertaken or in progress
  • Publications
  • Papers delivered to conferences, seminars or societies

The closing date for applications is the 21st of June, 2013.

For full details and application requirements see here.