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Find Your Local Music Generation

Music Generation Limerick City finishes for the summer with outdoor music festival this weekend!

Music Generation Limerick City presents it's first ever music festival, Live at the Pery.

Pery Square in Limerick City will rock this Sunday 28th June from 1-6pm with forty bands, two stages and five hours of great music.

Music Generation’s co-ordinator Boris Hunka explains “The whole idea for this festival was formed by the Music Generation teenagers themselves. They came up with the poster. They came up with the name. They have been sorting out the list of bands and we have been helping out with the logistics.”

Most of the acts for the festival, happening at Pery Square this weekend come from Band Explosion, a band mentoring programme running for the last two years. The Music Generation Limerick City bands will be joined by other Music Generation bands representing Music Generation in Laois, Cork City and Clare.

Boris says that the standard for this gig will be high “We wanted to get the bands we are working with and the bands from around the other Music Generation Programmes around the country and some local acts. Bring them all together in a celebration of a music scene that has a new vibrancy.”

Live at the Pery is a free event open to all.

To find out more please contact:

Boris Hunka, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Limerick City
Central Buildings, 51 O’Connell St, Limerick

T: 087 210 4583