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Music Generation Limerick City finds a new home in the heart of the city centre!

Music Generation Limerick City has moved to a new base in the city centre, complete with teaching rooms, band rehearsal rooms and a recording studio. The Music Generation Creative Centre (MGCC), situated on Presentation Court, off Sexton Street, will be a space for self-expression, collaboration, inclusivity and creativity – an exciting new addition to the music education infrastructure in the city.

The project is managed by Music Generation Limerick City, part of the Limerick and Clare Education Training Board, in partnership with the Limerick Arts Office and Limerick2020.

Music Generation Limerick City will base its after-school and Saturday sessions at the Centre. These programmes include singing groups, songwriting sessions, band mentoring, rap workshops, studio and production training, and introductory instrumental lessons. The MGCC aims to give young people from across the city the confidence and skills to find their voice and a platform to use it.

Speaking of the opening of the Creative Centre, Music Generation Limerick City Coordinator Boris Hunka said: ‘From our point of view it is great. We have got this team of 15 musicians and we have always been scattered a bit. Now we are based in the same space allowing for collaboration and a creative energy to flow. It is a big part of our remit to have community crossover and now Music Generation Limerick City have a big space in which to do that for the first time. You can see that happening in front of your eyes.’

Music Generation's ethos is built around collaboration and inclusivity. In this spirit the organisation is inviting likeminded creative organisations and arts projects to express an interest in using the space for their own work. There will be desks, rooms and studios available to those who want to help to shape this part of Limerick’s vibrant, collaborative creative community.

For more information about Music Generation Limerick City’s programmes and events contact:

Boris Hunka, Coordinator, Music Generation Limerick City
Central Buildings, 51 O’Connell St, Limerick

t: +353 87 210 4583