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Music Generation Laois’ Choral Performances

Four Primary Schools have been taking part in the Music Generation Laois Choral programme since late Autumn 2012. The participating schools are: Errill NS, Rosenallis NS, Derrylamogue NS Rosenallis and Portarlington Presentation Primary School
The performers from all four schools will come together to form a large-scale choir of over 200 participants, rehearsing with musicians and conductors on Monday 13 May for two performances on Tuesday 14 May at 6pm and 7:30pm in Portarlington Presentation Primary School, under the direction of Music Generation Laois's Choral Team, Marian Gaynor and Nuala Kelly.
Participants, all aged between 7 and 12, will perform an eclectic and lively choral programme, showcasing their work throughout the year – from The Duck Dance to the traditional Irish piece Seothín Seo.
Not to be missed!