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Music Generation - Ireland’s National Music Education Programme Call for Applications

Music Generation

Music Generation, the U2 and Ireland Funds supported National Music Education Programme, was officially unveiled today. Initiated by Music Network, the national agency for music development, Music Generation aims to help children and young people to access music education in their own locality. The call went out for applications from local Music Education Partnerships across the country seeking to apply for funding.

The Music Education Partnership model, developed by Music Network, has been successfully piloted in Donegal and Dublin. Funding for up to twelve Music Education Partnerships will be awarded on a phased basis from 2011-2015, most likely in three locations at a time. Music Education Partnerships are eligible to apply for 50% funding, up to a maximum of €200,000 per annum over three years. The closing date for Round 1 applications is Thursday, March 31st, 2011.

Music Generation officially unveiled

Music Generation will provide three-year seed funding to establish local services, which will be sustained by Music Education Partnerships on a long-term basis. It is the intention of the Department of Education & Skills that Music Education Partnerships will be continued into the future with Exchequer funding when the Music Generation donations cease.

Detailed guidelines and all application details are available on

Music Generation - Ireland’s National Music Education Programme

For further information please contact:

Music Generation,
c/o Music Network,
The Coach House,
Dublin Castle,
Dublin 2.

Telephone: 01 6719429
Fax: 01 6719430