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Find Your Local Music Generation

Music Generation features as part of a journey across Ireland’s Musical Drives

Aside from being rich in history, art and breath-taking scenery, Ireland is renowned for its extensive musical background. The country has been, and still is, the driving force behind some of the world’s most successful artists, both past and present.

A new eBook recently commissioned by Chill Insurance will now give readers and road-trippers from Ireland and overseas a run-down of some of Ireland’s most musical locations, from the birthplaces of famous artists, to iconic video settings, to creating the ultimate Irish playlist.

Ireland’s Musical Drives was created with the input of 600 Irish men and women who shared their thoughts and ideas on what music-inspired locations would make a truly unforgettable journey through Ireland.

What’s more, the eBook includes a feature about Ireland’s next Music Generation! A specially-designed roadmap sketches out the 22 cities and counties in Ireland where Music Generation programmes will be fully established by 2021, offering high-quality vocal and instrumental tuition to some 41,000 children and young people in their own locality each year.

If you’re on your own personal musical journey, Music Generation could strike the right chord with you.

You can read and download Ireland's Musical Drives online.