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The Irish Times: Sorcha Pollak talks about music education and the role of Music Generation

An insightful and inspirational article in The Irish Times by Sorcha Pollak which looks at the challenges of providing meaningful music education for children and young people and ways of encouraging them to continue to play and enjoy music.

In talking to a wide range of people, including Music Generation Director Rosaleen Molloy, composer, musician and Music Generation Board Member Bill Whelan and Nigel Flegg, Head of Education at the National Concert Hall, as well as young players Jack Rodgers and Joshua Peacock, it's clear that the value of playing music goes far beyond the practice of learning.

Music Generation Limerick City coordinator Boris Hunka captures the vision behind the work of Music Generation when he says "Our main focus is to allow them (children and young people) to focus on their self-expression, helping them find a voice and giving them the tools to use it."

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