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Calling all Music Makers! We want to hear what music means to you.

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In March 2024, Music Generation launches We Are Music Generation, a dedicated year of performance music education celebrating the impact of music within communities nationwide. A range of locally led initiatives will take place across the country including youth-led festivals, trad orchestras, songwriting retreats and lots more! Read more about Music Generation programmes near you here.

Music Generation believes passionately in the power of music making to transform lives. Through our advocacy which includes, sharing the stories of children and young people across Ireland and the impact of music on their lives, we work towards raising awareness and making this right a reality.

To support awareness for the right of all children and young people to participate in culture and arts, Music Generation wants to amplify the voice of young musicians on UN World Social Justice Day on February 20th next.

As we kick off this year-long celebration of music, we’re inviting young musicians everywhere in Ireland to share what music means to you. Whether it’s something that helps you express yourself, or it’s that giddy rehearsal with your band or a well-deserved break from the homework, we want to hear your musical stories.

How to Get Involved

What: We are asking young musicians nationwide to share online what music means to them and their favourite music-making moments.

Who: This is open to all ages! Young musicians, singers, rappers and DJ’s. Primary, Post-Primary, Special Schools, youth bands, music groups.

When: 20th February 2024

Hashtags: #WeAreMusicGeneration #WeAreMusicMakers

Record a Video and Tell Us:

  1. For me, music is ...
    1. Or, ask your class, music hub or your musical partner in crime to join you...“For us, music is...”
  2. How has music changed your life? How does music make you feel?
  3. Tell us about your favourite music making moment and what made it so special.
    1. Or, show us your music-making skills and perform your favourite song.
  4. Alternative Accessibility Option: Draw your response to any of the 3 suggestions listed above. Use your favourite colours, musical symbols or doodles! Post a photo of your creation online with the hashtags or email to and we’ll post it for you.

Where to post your video/photo:

  • Instagram
  • X (Twitter)
  • Facebook

Include #WeAreMusicGeneration #WeAreMusicMakers in the post text.

Our social media handles are listed below for tagging.


  • Instagram: @MusicGenerationIreland
  • X/Twitter: @Mus_Gen
  • Facebook: @MusicGeneration
  • TikTok: @MusicGenerationIreland

Please make sure your parent or guardian is aware that you are taking part. If you would like any further information, please contact

Young musicians may choose to use TikTok to take part. We will keep an eye on all TikTok tags and content, but this campaign is dedicated to the channels listed above.

We can’t wait to hear from all the young music makers out there! Don’t forget to include #WeAreMusicGeneration #WeAreMusicMakers with your post.

Music Generation Sligo share what music means to them

'We are Music Generation' local events are co-funded by U2, The Ireland Funds, The Arts Council/An Comhairle Ealaíon and the Department of Education. See more here.