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Partnership is the cornerstone of Music Generation.

Our work and its impact rely on the support and collaboration of many local and national partners. We have a National Development Office, whose role is to support the growth, sustainability and quality of our whole organisation, and 27 local Music Generation partnerships that create and manage the programme at city or county level.

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How we’re funded

Music Generation was established as a result of a ground-breaking partnership between Philanthropy, the Irish Government and Local Music Education Partnerships (LMEPs).

This new, three-way model of funding has allowed us to future-proof Music Generation, ensuring its sustainability for years to come. It also gives every Music Generation area the flexibility and ownership to respond to the specific needs and opportunities in their local communities.

Local Music Education Partnerships

LMEPs are groups of local experts, individuals and organisations that champion and guide the development of the Music Generation programme in their area. Each one is led by a Local Authority or an Education and Training Board.

Music Generation has developed a Guidelines document for use by LMEPs, Lead Partners and all those interested in understanding the importance of the role of partnership in the programme, nationally and locally.

Our Donors and Funders

Nationally Music Generation is co-funded by U2 and The Ireland Funds, with support from Bank of America and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Their philanthropic investment provided the seed funding to set up our first 20 programmes.

Our principal national government funder is the Department of Education and Skills. The Department provides 50% of the funding needed to sustain and support Music Generation programmes long-term.

Each Music Generation programme is led by its Local Authority or Education and Training Board. Locally, they raise the remaining 50% funding needed to operate on an annual basis.

Project Support

Music Generation is also funded by the Arts Council, whose support enables an ambitious range of collaborative performance projects and development initiatives around the country.

Philanthropic Donors and Funders

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