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Music Generation represented at 2014 ISME Conference, Brazil

Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) was the setting for this year’s ISME Community Music Commission 14th International Seminar which took place July 15-18.

Hosted by the School of Music of the Universidade Federal DA Bahia, the CMA Commission is, according to Magali Kleber , the ISME CMA Chair 2012-2014 ‘an opportunity for community music education to share and discuss about the diversity of musical practices that exists across the world, to celebrate together the multiple ways in which music enriches our lives as individuals and social groups’.

With participants in attendance from across five continents, an intense and enriching week of presentations, workshops, discussions, and music-making ensued. Dr Johnston found the Seminar an invigorating and productive forum to discuss the work of Music Generation and the related research which is being carried out in partnership with St. Patrick’s College Drumcondra. His presentation entitled ‘The Nature, Power, and Purpose of Critical Diversity: Unveiling the Transformative Potential for Children and Young People of Music Generation’ outlined how as a national organisation Music Generation is striving to reveal, listen to, embrace and respond to diversity within and between groups of children and young people across Ireland. Thomas found the perspective and feedback from international colleagues very beneficial in progressing his research and cementing the themes of his findings.

Dr. Johnston’s attendance at the ISME Community Music Activity Commission was supported by the St. Patrick’s College Research Committee.

More about Music Generation's Research Partnership between Music Generation and St. Patrick's College Drumcondra is available here.