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Music Generation Limerick City assemble community choir for production of MOYROSS

Moyross large
Music Generation Limerick City is proud to be part of an exciting project currently underway in partnership with THEATREclub, The Lime Tree Theatre and the people of Moyross.

MOYROSS is a new piece of theatre, devised and performed by local people to show the difference between the people’s lives and the news headlines.

The show is being put together and produced by award winning social justice performance collective THEATREclub, and features a massive community cast, including the very young community representatives that who lived in the estate since it was first built.

Music Generation Limerick City will assemble a massive community choir and offer support for the range of musicians involved. It is hoped the community choir will continue after the production, which will premiere at the Lime Tree Theatre on April 30th and run until May 3rd.

For more information about this event, or any other Music Generation projects, email or check out the Music Generation Limerick City Facebook Page.

For ticket details, visit the Lime Tree Theatre's website.