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Midlands – ‘Music in our Lives’! MG Offaly/Westmeath Activities Update Dec 2013

MG Offaly Westmeath RM Visit
Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath are developing their programme selection to offer young people in their area a greater variety of musical tuition and group performance experience. Highlighted features with this update are the new Instrument Outreach and Choral Music programmes.

Instrument Outreach Programme - Progress Report
Planning for the addition of The ‘Play an Instrument ‘Outreach Programme to the range of programmes already on offer from Music Generation Offaly Westmeath is underway. In order to open up instrumental tuition opportunities to those aged 9—18, Music Generation Offaly Westmeath will offer 2 styles of instrumental tuition:
- The Classroom Instrumental Strand will allow for the development of instrumental skills in a large group/ whole class, mixed-ability setting.
- The Instrumental Tuition Strand provides for a more specialist approach to tuition on a wider range of instruments. Students choosing this option will attend lessons either during the school day through agreement, or by returning to school after hours. It is expected that pupils (and parents) will understand that this approach requires a commitment to attend tuition on a weekly basis over an extended period of time, and that practise between lessons is essential for progress to be made.

New Opportunity! - The Choral Music Programme
Music Generation Offaly Westmeath is looking to work with primary and secondary schools with either established or occasional choirs, with a minimum membership of c.15 pupils who would regularly attend rehearsals. Participating schools would need to commit to support the programme by nominating a member of staff who will oversee the membership and attendance of pupils at rehearsals, and support the conductor during rehearsals. Commitment by pupils to regularly attend rehearsals is essential to the success of the programme. Through the Choral Music Programme, Music Generation Offaly Westmeath, in partnership with the Association of Irish Choirs, is looking to develop a network of choirs. This would involve weekly 60 minute rehearsals with our choral practitioners, supported by the nominated teacher. Rehearsals are planned to begin in January 2014.

The Early Years Kodaly Programme
The Early Years Kodaly Programme is now in full swing. Since October, 18 primary schools all across Offaly and Westmeath have been filled with singing as pupils began their Kodaly journey with their MGOW tutors. Looking forward to following their journey! Want to join the Early Years Kodaly Programme? A limited number of opportunities for primary schools to get involved in the Early Years Kodaly Programme for terms 2 and 3 of session 2013/ 2014 now exists.

For further details or to apply to any of the above programmes, please contact:
Margaret Broome
Development Officer Music Generation Offaly / Westmeath
(057) 934 6898