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Developing a new Diploma in Kodály Music Education

MGOW music training
Music Generation Offaly / Westmeath (MGOW) together with DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama are developing a course descriptor for a new Diploma in Kodaly Music Education, the first of its kind in Ireland. The Kodály Society of Ireland, the National Youth Choir of Scotland and Athlone Education Centre are partners in this development, which is intended to be rolled out nationally.

Currently, MGOW is training 17 music educators, 9 of whom are currently working in schools across the region in this our first phase of implementation. Training is offered over a number of weekends on an in-service arrangement across the academic year 2013/ 2014.

The DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama has a long history of training subject specific music teachers through its BMusEd course, which allows students to pursue their music and education studies concurrently. All of this experience is being brought into the Midlands Region through this Outreach Programme with MGOW.

The Athlone Education Centre not only provides the accommodation and resources for the training sessions, but also brings knowledge in the area of implementing and managing Continual Professional Development courses together with a particular interest in the promotion of music education in the primary school sector.

The Kodály Society of Ireland is working to share their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Kodály in the classroom. In addition to the training partners, the participating schools also play a role in the development of our music educators’ skills, supporting them to manage whole class/ mixed stage teaching situations which are key to the creation of a vibrant and effective learning experience.