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The Music Factory at Cork’s Everyman Theatre

MG Cork The Music Factory
A theatrical concert, especially for children directed by Oda Buijs and Annechien Koerselman suitable for ages 6 and over.

Presented by Calefax and Oorkaan, in association with Cork Orchestral Society, Music Generation Cork City and The Everyman
The Everyman Theatre, Saturday 16 November, 1pm
​Running time 60 mins

The five Calefax men work in a factory making tubes. Or is it a binocular factory? Every day follows the same routine which suits the men very well indeed. They form a well-oiled team whose actions complement each other so perfectly that it seems almost as if they are making music, although the men themselves are completely unaware of this.

When one day the orders stop coming in, the work comes to a halt. Panic ensues, but as they discover what different uses the tubes can have, their curiosity is awakened and the experimentation begins. Then it turns out that the most beautiful instruments can be made from the tubes and the orders start flowing in again; thus The Music Factory has come into existence. Now all that remains for the five hard workers is to find a way to record their music so it won’t be lost!

Programme includes Mozart, Prokofiev, Hindemith, Bach, Shostakovitch, Scarlatti, Byrd and ter Doest.

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