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Soundwaves – For the 21st Century Musician

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Ground-breaking new programme Soundwaves II project.

Donegal Music Education Partnership is getting ready to launch Soundwaves, a ground-breaking new programme for young musicians (aged 14-19) funded under the Music Generation / Arts Council Partnership Programme.

Led by Wall2Wall Music, it takes place in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal from 20 July – 6 Sept 2015 ending with a performance in the Regional Cultural Centre.

Suitable for singers, drummers & instrumentalists from all genres – classical, traditional, jazz, rock & pop; digital musicians using garage band & other apps on ipads, portable devices and smartphones.
Soundwaves will help you build the skills you need to be a successful young creative musician.

The young musicians will:
  • Work alongside professional musicians, producers and facilitators.
  • Get involved in collaborative composing, leading, improvising, arranging, recording, producing, marketing, performing and working across musical genres.
  • Learn how to use low cost technology to create and promote your music.

For more information please contact the Donegal Music Education Partnership on or 074 9176 293.