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Soundwaves 2016 videos released! Take a look at how they do it…

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Soundwaves 2 took place over three jam-packed days in February 2016 – a whirlwind of music-making, creativity and learning, creating new friendships and having lots of fun!

This innovative project, funded through the Music Generation / Arts Council Partnership, presented in collaboration with Donegal Music Education Partnership and led by Wall2Wall Music, created an opportunity for young people to explore their musical boundaries, work together and develop the skills of a 21st century musician.

Throughout the course of the project, which was hosted at the Regional Cultural Centre in Letterkenny, the young musicians took part in group improvisations, as well as having a chance to lead a group improvising with their peers and compose new music for big ensembles and small bands, using various combinations of genres and instrumentation.

It was a crash course on all the tools needed to unlock creativity and boost musicianship for song-writing, composing and ensemble playing.

This exciting process was documented through a series of resource videos which have now been released and can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Take a look at just one snippet here, or view the full playlist

These incredibly talented and now highly experienced young musicians also shared their personal tips and advice on how to improvise together and creatively conduct a group of improvising musicians. Listen in on what they had to say –

About Soundwaves
Soundwaves is a ground-breaking music programme which gives participants the opportunity to create music and jam together, explore improvisation skills and create resources using mobile and digital technologies. Soundwaves gives young people with a passion for music – writers, instrumentalists, singers and producers – a unique opportunity to work together to develop the skills of a 21st century musician.

The programme is open to singers, drummers and instrumentalists of all genres – classical, traditional, jazz, rock and pop – as well as digital musicians using garage band and other apps on iPads, portable devices and smartphones.

Participants enjoy the chance to work alongside professional musicians, producers and facilitators, get involved in collaborative composition, leading, improvising, arranging, recording and producing, while also learning how to use low cost technology to create and promote their music.

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