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Music Masterclasses for young Sligo string quartets

Music Masterclass with Leonard in Sligo
Leonard Elschenbroich, one of the most charismatic musicians of his generation, hosted a series of masterclasses for young musicians at The Model, Sligo, in association with Music Generation Sligo. The students prepared pieces in advance of the masterclass and then worked on them for the afternoon with Leonard.

"One thing I do is to meet school children before concerts. Almost every time I play a concerto, I talk to a group of children and play for them and let them play my Cello a little. Breaking down the barriers and accustoming children with the material is the foundation." Leonard Elschenbroich (full interview)

The masterclasses are part of a Music Network and Music Generation initiative which provides opportunities for children and young people to participate in workshops delivered by highly acclaimed Music Network Autumn 2014 touring artists. Since September, acclaimed traditional musician Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and Elschenbroich have been visiting Music Generation locations around the country including Cork City, Wicklow, Sligo, Offaly / Westmeath and in Donegal with Donegal Music Education Partnership. The workshop collaboration is a great example of Music Network and Music Generation’s commitment to developing live music in Ireland and Music Generation making performance music education happen.

For more information on Music Generation Sligo, contact:

Rhona McGrath (Co-ordinator)
T: 071 9138306

For information on Music Network Autumn 2014 tour:

Leonard Elschenbroich