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Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath encourages musical development

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Our tutors, who underwent comprehensive Kódaly training at the start of the programme, are now seeing the fruits of their labour as their students are developing musical skills and showing great improvement between each lesson. Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath is steadily encouraging musical development with young people in schools throughout their region, using the experience-based learning of the Kódaly concept of music education.

The above photo is of pupils in Diarmada NS, Whitehall, Co. Westmeath learning the song Senua de Dende, an African pebble passing song. In this exercise, they must learn the song in unison, and then begin singing in canon whilst keeping the pulse with the pebbles (or in this case, tennis balls). The participants have to listen and work together ensuring that no one in the group changes the pulse or moves too early otherwise the pebbles will collect at points – quite a challenge!

Here is some feedback from the Kódaly Tutors, which shows that both students and tutors are having positive experiences:

“Fantastic classes in Whitehall today - 5th & 6th class (of 20) beat their old record and managed to pass 17 tennis balls around with Senua De Dende!”
Geraldine Relph - Tutor in Diarmada NS, Whitehall, Co.Westmeath

“Had a request from one of my junior classes today to do some songs in Irish because they love it so much. Teacher is obviously doing something right in that class… Another junior class were checking that I knew the way to their school now because I got lost on my first day and they remember everything it seems... Great day.”
Carmel Whelan - Tutor in St.Thomas's NS Rathowen, St.Bridget's NS Ballynacargy, Emper NS and Moyvore in Co.Westmeath

Music Generation is looking forward to seeing these students develop their musical skills and work towards a performance, having all the wealth of these lessons behind them to give them confidence!