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Fleadh Fusions Concert - Music Fusion programme celebrates Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann Sligo

Sligo music fusion
Music Generation Sligo’s Music Fusion Programme, celebrating Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann Sligo is funded under the Music Generation/Arts Council Partnership Programme.

The first week in June gave ten young musicians the opportunity to explore composition and arrangement across classical and traditional genres under the guidance of professional composer and musician Neil Martin. Four days of intensive work challenged their musical skills, creativity, technical know-how and whilst working in pairs called on their ability to compromise. Some of the young musicians stated their goal for the four days was to learn the basics of composition never imagining how much could be done in such a short time frame. Evidence of the success of this week was not only in the concert on the final evening where family and friends listened to compositions spanning classical, traditional and popular music, but on the palpable excitement and enthusiasm from the young musicians.

The second week in June was an exciting collaboration with professional musicians from West Ocean String Quartet, Dervish and 22 young musicians. Open to singers, instrumentalists and existing groups in the classical or traditional genre, the aim was to improve ensemble performances through mentoring with two professional groups. Some participants had a classical background, others traditional and some both. The task for classical musicians was to use their ear more and rely less on sheet music, for traditional musicians it was to look at other approaches in which music could be arranged and the overall goal was to find a common ground. The young musicians, dedicated and driven, gained insight into both genres learning from both professional groups and also each other. For the professional musicians it was new territory, which opened up new ways of thinking.

An Invigorating, refreshing and rewarding experience on all sides, Music Generation Sligo’s Music Fusion Programme was a new opportunity to nurture, enhance and stimulate a deeper musical knowledge through working in close proximity with professional musicians. The upcoming Fleadh Fusions Concert on Sunday 10th August in Hawk’s Well Theatre Sligo will be a collaboration of both weeks. With performances from West Ocean String Quartet, Dervish, participants from the Composer Camp and Ensemble Camp, the concert will be a celebration of a new journey with endless possibilities.

Tickets and further information about this event can be found at the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann website.