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MG Sligo recommence music tuition and performance programmes in 2014

MG Sligo recommences
Happy New Year from Music Generation Sligo! 2014 will continue to resume to business as usual with MG Sligo delivering top quality music tuition and performance experience to young people in Sligo.

Learn more about the MG Sligo programme’s continuing this year:

Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Programme

Term two in the Instrumental and Vocal Tuition classes in Easkey, Ballymote and Grange will resume in January.

Music Generation Sligo’s vision is to facilitate the development of a sustainable framework for the delivery of group and individual tuition in a number of centres across the county. Since December 2012, MG Sligo has partnered with established professional music education service providers to deliver this service. The overall aim would be to gradually facilitate the creation of a county-wide networked professional music education service for children and young adults in Sligo.

For the 2013/2014 MG Sligo is partnering with Sligo School of Rock and Sligo Academy of Music to facilitate the development of a quality, consistent Instrumental Tuition Service. Meet the team!

MG Sligo will continue to plan for the expansion and development of the Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Service to existing and additional centres in 2014.

Tuition is delivered in the following centres under the Instrumental & Vocal Tuition Programme:

Colaiste Iascaigh – Drums,Guitar, Keyboard
Ballymote – Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Grange – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard

MG Sligo in partnership with Sligo School of Rock and has been providing instrumental tuition in Easkey since 2012.

MG Sligo aims to provide choice of access to children and young adults in Sligo to performance music education services – that is to OPEN THE DOOR TO MUSIC no matter who you are or where you live in County Sligo.

For further information about the Instrumental & Vocal Tuition programme, vist MG Sligo’s website.

Discovering Music

Discovering & Performing Music School Programme recommenced week of 13th January.

Since November 2011, the MG Sligo’s Discovering Music tutors have taught the rudiments of music to over 5,500 children and young adults across Sligo. Meet the tutors!

The aim of the Discovering Music programme is to provide an introduction to the rudiments of music. In providing this programme, it is the intention that this offers the choice of access for every child and young adult, to the range of Music Generation Sligo programmes and other music activity in the county. The Discovering Music programme offers a structured introduction course to core principles of music practice delivered in a 20 week programme, across four tiers:

Tier 1 – Pre-school/Early Years;
Tier 2 – Children aged four to twelve years of age;
Tier 3 – Children and young adults aged twelve to eighteen years of age;
Tier 4 – Introduces whole class instrumental tuition at Primary & Post-Primary age.

After Discovering Music, all participants are invited to get involved with the other Music Generation programmes and the terrific range of music activities in County Sligo.

Further information about Discovering Music can be found on MG Sligo’s website.