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Limerick Voices Band Explosion brings the music to life in Limerick City!

Limerick City Band Explosion
Music Generation Limerick City has combined two of their most successful activities – the Limerick Voices songwriting project and the Band Explosion mentoring programme – into a single entity, the Limerick Voices Band Explosion!

LVBE combines all aspects of songwriting with the nuts and bolts of bring the music to life through gigs, recording and promotion. The mentors include a range of Limerick’s most respected and creative musicians.

The newly combined programme will shortly move into new rehearsal space close to Music Gen Express, the converted double decker bus that in winter acts as workshop space, film studio, field recording suite and creative hot-bed, before springing to life when the weather improves as a movable venue and festivals stage!

During the meantime, check out the listings at Dolans music venue to catch some of our Music Generation Limerick City participants in action.

For further information on Music Generation Limerick City programmes and initiatives, contact:

Boris Hunka, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Limerick City
Central Buildings, 51 O’Connell St, Limerick

T: 087 210 4583