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Launch of Mus Gen Express and Limerick Voices at Music Factory

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Music Generation Limerick City will proudly launch The Music Gen Express Bus and the Limerick Voices Project at the closing performance of the Music Factory summer camp on the 18th of July at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.

The theme at Music Factory this year is ‘Hidden Histories’, which inspired song-writing based on historical stories from Limerick. Fifty young performers will play songs they rehearsed during the week-long summer camp, supported by young musicians from Music Generation Limerick City’s Band Explosion programme. Music Factory, a summer camp for 8-12 year olds, is presented by Music Generation Limerick City in partnership with the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

The Music Gen Express is a double decker bus that has been converted into a performance space, field recording studio and outside festival stage. The bus will enable music tutors to conduct workshops at different locations throughout the city bringing music to all parts of the community. The Music Gen Express is part funded by Limerick City of Culture as part of the Music Legacy Project, and is hoped to become a regular feature on the streets of Limerick. The Music Gen Express will appear at the launch, and weather permitting, will provide a stage for the performances.

Limerick Voices is a ground breaking project by Music Generation Limerick City, which will see established musicians working with groups of teenagers throughout 2014 and beyond, helping them to write songs, record their songs and find their ‘musical voices’. Funded under the Music Generation/Arts Council Partnership Programme, Limerick Voices’ wider aim is to create a culture of song-writing and self-expression within Limerick, which Music Generation Limerick City will foster in its ongoing programmes.

Music Generation Limerick City is part of Music Generation, Ireland’s National Music Education Programme initiated by Music Network and co-funded by U2, The Ireland Funds, the Department of Education and Skills and Limerick City Music Education Partnership.

For more information about any of these projects, contact Music Generation Limerick City.
Boris Hunka, Co-ordinator, Music Generation Limerick City
Central Buildings, 51 O’Connell St, Limerick
T: 087 210 4583