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Athlone School Orchestra Launches

Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath begins works with local musicians to establish the Athlone Schools Orchestra.

The Athlone Schools Orchestra launched on Saturday, 18th of October and great fun was had by all at their first rehearsal. A large range of instrumentalists came along and travelled from as far afield as Clara. For many, it was their first experience of ensemble playing - but you wouldn't have known it!

The Athlone Schools Orchestra rehearses on Saturdays between 3pm-5pm in St. Peter's National School, Athlone. Each week, rehearsals will be supervised by two Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath Instrumental Outreach Tutors who provide support to the young instrumentalists through a mix of group work and ensemble playing.

All children and young people and All instruments are welcome. Interested parents can find out more by contacting Paul Hensey (Music Generation Offaly/Westmeath Music Tutor and Athlone Schools Orchestra Coordinator), Mobile: 087 602 2478, Email: