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A Plethora of School and Community Programmes Starting Up

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Get involved with Music Generation Limerick City!

Music Generation Limerick City is now starting programmes in schools and community centres. Over the next two weeks the project will open in seven national schools throughout the city, as well as outside projects such as the Children’s Ark at the Regional Hospital.

For older children and teenagers, MGLC is setting up bases throughout the city for after school activity. These will focus on band incubation - helping young people find their instrument, learn skills and play together – and hip-hop classes, including DJ skills, rap, sampling and techno.

These classes will initially be at the Northside Learning Hub, Southill Family Resource Centre and CBS Sexton Street. They are for all young people from across the city, so if you know a teenager (or younger) with a talent or interest, help them get involved and start making music.

To find out more about any aspect of Music Generation Limerick City, please email