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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2021 Virtually with Music Generation

Galway performers make waves as part of televised broadcast for St. Patrick's Day 2021
Galway performers make waves as part of televised broadcast for St. Patrick's Day 2021

As was the case in 2020, St. Patrick’s Day 2021 is going to take on a different look. This year, Music Generation partnerships across Ireland have thought up creative and imaginative ways for children and young people to partake in this national holiday celebration.

Here is a snapshot of just some of the activity scheduled which you too can enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day, all from the comfort of your home:

Cork City’s Performance of ‘The Island of Woods’

Fancy a tune to kick off St. Patrick’s Day? Music Generation Cork City, Creative Tradition and Cork Academy of Music bring you a virtual performance of ‘The Island of Woods’ by Liz Carroll. As part of the Cork St. Patrick’s Festival, this piece was arranged so that young traditional musicians, of any level and from any part of the country, could be part of a big collaborative project. Tune in to this uplifting performance over on Music Generation Cork City's Facebook page.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown's Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

No parade? No problem! Get into the spirit of the day and come along to the Sandyford Youth Band’s Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in partnership with Music Generation dlr. This virtual celebration kicks off at 1pm over on the Sandyford Youth Band's Facebook page, so don’t be late!

Galway County’s Special Collaboration for A St. Patrick’s Festival Celebration

Music Generation Galway County’s Symphonic Waves united with Galway Traditional Orchestra for a very special collaborative performance which will be broadcast on St Patrick’s Night on RTÉ One television as part of A St. Patrick's Festival Celebration. The two orchestras will perform an original composition entitled ‘The Magic Carpet’ by Eric Cunningham, co-arranged for orchestra by Ita Geraghty and Cian Boylan.

Symphonic Waves Youth Orchestra is presented by Music Generation Galway County, Galway 2020, in partnership with Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB), Galway City Council and Galway County Council. Speaking of the inclusion of Symphonic Waves in the broadcast, Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture's Head of Programme, Marilyn Gaughan-Reddan said “Symphonic Waves is a substantial legacy project within the Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture programme, we are really delighted to see this collaboration as part of the celebration of St. Patricks Day involving so many talented young people from the West, the piece is so beautifully arranged and presented, well done to everyone involved”. Catch A St Patrick's Festival Celebration on RTÉ One television at 6:30pm.

Kilkenny’s Instrument Performances

As part of St. Patrick’s Festival Kilkenny, Music Generation Kilkenny will be bringing you not one but two very exciting virtual performances. Composed specially for this year's Festival , Music Generation Kilkenny brings you Rithim Glasa, an original and up-lifting drumming piece based on ‘Ireland’s Call’. Performed virtually by Music Generation Kilkenny musician educators and drumming luminaries Jeremy Hickey (R.S.A.G), Tom Duffy (Rhythmriot), and Mark Colbert (The Remedy Club).

In addition, international uilleann pipers, Padraig Butler, Leonard Barry, and Mick Foley, will be putting on a very special uilleann pipe performance, accompanied by 12 young pipers from Music Generation Kilkenny’s Uilleann Pipe Programme. What began as a week-long virtual Summer camp in August, has grown into a weekly programme of workshops in the art of the Uilleann Pipes. These young students will accompany their tutors for this special performance, Uilleann Pipe Dreams, which has been produced by Music Generation Kilkenny in partnership with Na Píobairí Uilleann and the Kilkenny Pipers Club.

Whether you choose to move to the drumming beat or sit back and a enjoy the sounds of our traditional instrument, tune in to St. Patrick’s Festival Kilkenny’s Youtube and Facebook pages from 1.30pm.

Laois’ Livestream Performances

There will be songs and there will be tunes as Music Generation Laois have programmed a series of live performances featuring young musicians and musician educators of Music Generation Laois. Join them in celebrating Irish music over on Facebook from 10am for their first ever Facebook Page Takeover.

Limerick City’s MGLC Live

As part of Limerick’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Music Generation Limerick City presents MGLC Live. This programme features young songwriters, producers and composers who are part of the Limerick Voices programme and who are fresh from their successful collaboration with a group of spoken word artists in India.

The Live will also feature some of Limerick’s most celebrated musicians - Darragh Griffin (Hermitage Green), Patrick O’Brien (King Pallas), Sean O’Meara, Michelle Grimes, Stephen Ryan (Windings/Giveamanackick), Rokaia, Andy Connolly (Naïve Ted), and Anthony Monahan (Protobaby, Pity of the Sea), under the musical direction of Boris Hunka. Tune in here
from 6pm to join in the fun!

Kildare and Meath’s Instrumental Masterclasses

Music Generation Kildare joined forces with Music Generation Meath to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with four free Masterclasses. Open to young people in Ireland, this is an opportunity for players of the uilleann pipes, harp, bodhrán and tin whistle to learn from internationally renowned musicians, Seána Davey, Éamonn Galldubh, Niall Preston, and Matt Bashford. Please note that registration for this event is now closed!

South Dublin’s Songwriting Workshops

For St. Patrick’s Day, Music Generation South Dublin designed Songwriting Workshops to complement the existing online Hubs activity in Rathcoole, Kingswood, and Clondalkin, where over 150 children and young people are participating in online music classes. Facilitated by a handful of musician educators, children and young people will explore songwriting of many Irish artists and will have the opportunity to work on their own lyrical songwriting and online composition.

This St. Patrick’s Day Workshop is also part of a wider Songwriting & Composing Competition that Music Generation South Dublin is currently running for children and young people in their Hubs Programme. Click here for more information about this competition. Deadline for entries is 9 April 2021!

Tipperary’s Session Programme

Music Generation Tipperary will be delivering their next ‘The Session’ video. The Session programme is a series of monthly performance video sessions for trad players of all levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced young musicians have to opportunity to log on, learn and play along with some of Ireland’s best performers.

In addition to this, Music Generation Tipperary will be releasing a series of performances across St. Patrick's Day featuring the young people on their Uillean Pipe Programme. Why not join in on The Session over on Music Generation Tipperary’s Facebook page.

Waterford and North Carolina’s Virtual Collaboration

Music Generation Waterford’s Senior Traditional Ensemble have been collaborating with young string players from Winston Salem Youth Symphony Programme in North Carolina. This special partnership will bring you a virtual performance of Mo Ghille Mear, arranged by Nóra Byrne Kavanagh, which will be released this St. Patrick's Day. Catch it over on Music Generation Waterford’s Facebook page.

With all this and more on offer, there's something for every music lover to enjoy this St. Patrick's Day! From all of us at Music Generation, Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh!